Veltia Hand Dryers V7 300 Hands In Hand Dryer


Finished in Snow White - £499.00 + Vat

Finished in Silver - £520.00 + Vat

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Veltia Hand Dryers V7 300 Hands In Series


Veltia Hand Dryers V7 300 Series offers hand drying with a difference that dries your hands in a soft and gentle manner. 300 micro-jets of air massage and dry both sides of your hands. The cost effective alternative to the Dyson Airblade hand dryer.

Patented technology allows excess water from your hands to be directed and collected within the Veltia Hand Dryers V7 300 and not on the floor, the washroom environment isn’t spoilt by excessive noise, but instead the same noise level you’d find acceptable in any washroom.

Your hands are safe while in use, Veltia Hand Dryers V7 300 series are afforded protection by their exclusive partner Microban. Impregnated into the drying area within the manufacturing stage, Microban will continue to protect your hands for as long as you use the dryer.


Voltage Voltage 220/240v - / 50Hz
Power 1,760 W (8 A)
Net Weight 9.55 kg
Dimensions (D x W x L) 195 x 300 x 617mm
Noise Level 72dB at 1m
Cover Material ABS Plastic Polymer

“Optimum water collection and comfortable hand drying”

300 jets of air strategically placed to remove the water from both sides of your hands without the need for continuous hand movement. The Veltia V7 300 gives the user a comfortable hand drying experience whilst the 300 jets ‘massage’ the hands dry. Water collection as standard as well as Microban antimicrobial protection, impregnated at the manufacturing stage Microban inhibits the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew. Microban treated products are tested for their efficacy in accordance with Internationally recognised standards. Available in 13 colours the Veltia V7 300 is also fully compatible with ZeroGel, a neutralising gel pack which eliminates bad odours and leaves the user with a heightened washroom experience.



 ** Calculations based on 150 uses a day. Based on manufacturer’s stated figures.
7 WARRANTY (YEARS) Years 1 to 3 Parts and Labour Years 4 to 7 Parts only

Super 7 Long Life Motor - Extensive Colour Range - Antibacterial Protection - Water Collection - Low Noise - Vandal Proof ABS Polymer - ZeroGel Fragrance System - High Speed Drying - Veltia Life Cycle

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