Veltia Hand Dryers VA Air Tap


Finished in Satin Stainless Steel - £668.90 + Vat

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Veltia Hand Dryers VA Air Tap

Veltia Hand Dryers VA Air Tap for hand drying made simple. No mess, no wall space, functional and elegant. Offering Eco-efficient high speed hand drying in it’s most simple and elegant format. No mess and no water on the floor. No need to use up precious wall space, The Veltia Hand Dryers VA Air Tap provides a touch free efficient solution negating water on the floor. The Veltia Hand Dryers VA Air Tap is easy to clean and operate, and the Air Tap incorporates Intelligent Temperature Control (ITC) and Smart Air Outlet Technology (MAOT).

£19 HEATED AIR AVERAGE RUN COST (PER ANNUM) - £10 UNHEATED AIR AVERAGE RUN COST (PER ANNUM)** ** Calculations based on 150 uses a day. Based on manufacturer’s stated figures.- 12 AVERAGE DRYING TIME (SECONDS). 5 WARRANTY (YEARS) Years 1 to 3 Parts and Labour Years 4 and 5 Parts Only


Technical Specification Veltia Hand Dryers VA Air Tap
Voltage Voltage 220/240v - / 50Hz

Power 500 – 1000w
Dimensions (H x L) 170mm x 220mm
Low Noise Level 68 - 71dB at 1m
Cover Material Satin Stainless Steel
Material Stainless Steel
Technical Specifications
High Speed Drying
Intelligent Temperature Control
LED Indication
Adjustable Power Output
Low Energy Use
Stainless Steel Construction

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