Moresecure M Series Lockers

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Moresecure M Series Lockers

Moresecure lockers are a UK leading trade only supplier of M Series Steel Lockers suitable for a range of industries and sectors, from police and fire stations, leisure facilities and healthcare environments, to Moresecure school lockers, Moresecure hotel lockers, staff lockers, office lockers,Moresecure  factory lockers, Moresecure changing room lockers and everywhere in between. Moresecure M Series Metric Lockers are manufactured to market leading standards and multiple configurations and requirements in a choice of full length lockers or multiple doors in a single nest, offering the upmost in personal belonging security, with solid doors and a choice of locking options. Moresecure M Series Lockers are coated with BioCote antimicrobial protection, which helps prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and germs. Biocote lockers are particularly important in hygiene conscious sectors like healthcare, food and drink production and education.


Moresecure M Series Lockers have several specific ranges of metal lockers, including: Moresecure Stronghold lockers - Moresecure Full height lockers - Moresecure Police lockers - Moresecure Small item lockers - Moresecure three quarter and half height lockers - Moresecure laptop lockers - Moresecure cube lockers - Moresecure quarto lockers – Moresecure workwear lockers - Moresecure garment management lockers


With Moresecure M Series Lockers having a wide range of customisable extras available, including door stiffeners for added security, perforated doors for improved ventilation and much more

Steel lockers from leading manufacturer Moresecure to match your existing M Series locker layout updates or new projects

Moresecure M Series Lockers

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