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Garran Classic Lockers

Garran Classic Locker Range of metal lockers are perfect for use in internal locations, offering a robust personal storage solution at a competitive price. Each locker is fully spot welded, constructed from 0.7mm mild steel and available with the inclusion of a flat or integral sloping top as part of the carcass itself and not as an add-on. As with all Garran lockers the classic range comes in a wide variety of door configurations, colours, dimensions and locking systems. Further customisation outside of the standard options are also available, such as additional fixtures, fittings and products from our cloakroom range.


Garran Classic Locker Features

Garran classic lockers come as standard with the following features:-

0.7mm mild steel carcass & doors
Available in 1 to 16 compartments
Capped/Flat (CRF), integral sloping (CRS) or Division tops (CRD)
Locker doors fitted with rear vertical stiffeners 
Double edged pillars.
Unique one-piece base and skid rails
Finished using our antimicrobial powder coating SteriTouch
We can tailor our classic lockers to fit your specific requirements. 


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Garran Premier Lockers

Garran premier range of lockers offers a hard wearing solution that is as versatile as our classic range with a wide selection of vibrant SGL doors to compliment your interior design. Built using 0.7mm mild steel to create a robust carcass, metal spot welded together and fitted with solid Grade Laminate (SGL) doors, the premier range creates an elegant locker solution that lives up to its name. 
Each locker comes available in the full range of standard sizes with either a flat or integral sloping top included as part of the carcass, and a wide selection of colour options, locking systems and accessories to add an additional level of customisation 


Garran Premier Locker Features
Garran Premier Lockers come as standard with the following features:-
Robust spot welded metal carcass constructed from 0.7mm steel
Hard wearing 10mm thick SGL doors available in a wide variety of colour configurations 
Capped/Flat for inset doors only (CRF), integral sloping (CRS) or Division tops (CRD)
Available in 1 to 6 tier door configurations
Doors secured to carcass with bolt through hinges


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Garran Small Compartment Lockers

Garran small compartment locker range consists of the smallest lockers we provide. These small but mighty lockers are designed specifically for smaller items and are the option of choice for schools, colleges, universities and the workplace. Whether it be storing small items or placing lockers in confined spaces, this range does it all. As with all of of the lockers we offer, our small compartment lockers have the option to be uniquely tailored to your specific requirements, including multiple options for colour, locking systems and dimensions.


Garran Small Compartment Locker Range

Garran Small Compartment Lockers are a great collection, suitable for small items or limited spaces and include:-
Midi Lockers
Security Lockers
Junior Storage Lockers
Laptop Lockers
Tool Lockers


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Garran Supreme Locker Range

Garran Supreme range is designed specifically for wet area use, allowing the lockers to be exposed to wet and humid atmospheres for long periods of time without damaging the structural integrity or the finish of the locker. An ideal solution for leisure centres, gyms, swimming pools and spa changing rooms where moisture and humidity cause lockers to need regular repairs or replacements. Additionally we can provide matching SGL end panels, helping integrate the lockers into the surrounding environments design, and an extensive selection of complimentary products from our cloakroom range which includes wet area benching, single and double sided cloakroom units and hook boards.


Garran Supreme Locker Features

Garran Supreme Lockers come as standard with the following features:-
Available from 1 tier to 6 tiers door configurations
Practical and cost effective alternative to more expensive full laminate locker options.
Manufactured from one piece of 1.5mm aluminium flat sheet, as used in the automotive industry 5754H22.
Carcasses, shelves, tops and bottoms are powder coated in textured silver grey
Fully spot welded construction provides additional strength as well as creates smooth lines and attractive appearance


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