Plastic Lockers range of eXtreme outdoor, Ultrabox and Supertuff

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Plastic lockers will not rust or corrode and are suitable as indoor or outdoor lockers. These wet area eXtreme plastic lockers make the best use of your storage space, and are suitable for Hygienic, Humid, Harsh or Corrosive environments. eXtreme plastic lockers can be hosed down making them ideal for wet areas and suitable for food preparation areas

eXtreme plastic lockers are suitable for the following areas:

Schools Colleges Universities - Cycle Shelters - Swimming Pools - Wet Changing Areas - Sports Clubs and Leisure Centres - Humid Atmospheres - Drilling and Mining workplaces - Food and Beverage Production Factories - Fishing and Agriculture - Offshore Industry - Waste Management Plants - Transport and Storage Centres - Marine Industry areas

Extreme Plastic Lockers are also suitable for Outdoor Wet Areas

The eXtreme plastic locker offers a vast improvement over conventional metal construction as being outdoor lockers they won’t rust or dent. Being robust, hygienic and highly vandal resistant, eXtreme plastic lockers offer the solution to outdoor lockers weather resistant locker use such as school lockers for playgrounds, bike shelter lockers, leisure spa or swimming pool lockers or food industry plastic lockers

eXtreme plastic lockers change room lockers Change Room Lockers
eXtreme plastic lockers swimming pool lockers Swimming Pool Change Room Lockers
eXtreme plastic lockers outdoor wet area lockers For outdoor use eXtreme plastic wet area lockers

Features of the eXtreme Plastic Outdoor Locker Range

Can be cleaned with a high pressure hose to make the locker range ideal for wet areas or outdoors

eXtreme plastic lockers come in three sizes 450, 600, 900mm high

Base size of all lockers is 320mm wide x 460mm for the range

Retro fit sloping top available to deter accumulation of litter on top

eXtreme plastic lockers have grey bodies with blue, red, yellow or green doors as standard, other colours available on request.

Label position and air vents on all door sizes

Easily stacked and nested with marked fixing points

eXtreme plastic lockers have a very strong hinge can withstand 3200 N before breaking

They come with a Cam Lock with 2 keys or Swivel Catch to be used with users padlock as standard. Coin return locks suitable for wet environments are available at extra cost

Ultrabox Plastic Lockers from Probe Lockers

Probe plastic lockers Ultrabox plastic lockers Probe Ultrabox plastic lockers of various combinations

Ultrabox Plastic Lockers by Probe offers style for indoors or outside use, and are required to be sheltered from direct rain. The Ultrabox Plus plastic lockers performs in the most challenging environments.

Probe plastic lockers have the following features:

Available in three sizes 450, 900, 1800mm high, base size of all lockers is 325mm wide x 450mm deep

Ultrabox plastic lockers have AC+IVECOAT antibacterial technology

They are Corrosion proof

Manufactured with Vandal and Graffiti resistant materials

Are highly water resistant

No on-site assembly with a fully assembled construction

Ultrabox plastic lockers 10 year guarantee subject to terms and conditions

Manufactured with a one piece design for a neater finish and speedy installation

Optional sloping top preventing the accumulation of rubbish on top

Waterproof locks available

Ultrabox plastic lockers have heavy duty concealed hinges

Robust frame locking lock cam fits securely behind door frame

Super strong polyethylene door and body

Compartment drain hole used for draining water after cleaning

Optional adjustable feet for leveling on uneven ground

The lock range includes a cam lock, hasp & staple lock, digital lock, and coin or token operated locks

Supertuff Plastic Lockers

Supertuff plastic lockers are UK made offering a durable, stylish long lasting alternative to steel lockers. They are moulded from incredibly tough and robust plastic for good wear resistance.


Supertuff plastic lockers Features:

They can be used outside under shelters, where the material will stand up to the changing temperatures and damp weather conditions.


The Supertuff plastic lockers will never rust or corrode, allowing the lockers to be used with confidence in wet or damp areas.


The lockers material (LLDPE) has excellent impact resistance enabling the lockers to easily withstand the general wear and tear. The doors are moulded with a double thickness of material for added strength. Avoiding the common problem of locker doors denting and bowing out of shape, making them ideal for school plastic lockers.


The hygienic design has a smooth moulded construction allows easy cleaning and prevents dirt build-up.


Supertuff plastic lockers are quieter to operate than steel lockers, reducing the noise levels in busy locker rooms such as gyms and schools.


They are very popular in schools, colleges and universities for use as student and staff lockers, where the contemporary appearance, choice of colours and durability make them an attractive option.


The Supertuff plastic lockers are available in a range of colours and three heights, small 450mm, medium 600mm and large 900mm. The 460mm depth and 320mm width of each size are the same, allowing the lockers to stack in different combinations. Options include sloping tops and stands to raise the lockers off the ground.


The range has a key operated cam lock or a swivel catch lock for users padlock as standard. Coin operated lockers are also available. Supplied as individual compartments, Supertuff plastic lockers are easy to install. Simply drill through the pre-marked fixing points, stack the lockers and use the plastic bolts to nest together.

The fact that plastic lockers can be used outside has led to many facilities opting to set up banks of plastic lockers under shelters in outdoor areas. This provides plenty of storage for staff or students whilst saving valuable internal space. Especially popular in schools where storage space can is at a premium. The hygiene properties enable the plastic lockers to be used with confidence is hospitals and high care manufacturing sites such as food, pharmaceutical and packaging factories

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