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Atlas Lockers, Garran Lockers, Helmsman Lockers, Vedette Lockers, Plastic Lockers, Probe Lockers, Garment Dispensers, Link Trade Metal Lockers

Our locker range includes: Atlas Steel Economy Lockers, Garran Lockers, Helmsman Lockers: Vedette Metal Staff Range, Garment Dispensers and Garment Collectors, Workplace, System 2000 and 2200 Aluminium Carcase with Laminate Doors for Leisure Clubs and Swimming Pools, Mini Minder for Small Personal Items, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty having a Metal Carcase with Laminate Doors for School and Gym Change Rooms, Industrial Divided Welled and Uniform Lockers, Twin and Laminate Big Twin to save floor space, Emergency Service Low Height and Tall range, Postal, Cube, Quarto options. Plastic Lockers: Extreme Outdoor range, Probe Ultrabox range, Supertuff range. Probe Lockers: Metal range, Disability range, Steel Perforated Doors. Clear Doors, Laptop Tablet and Mobile Phone, RECHARGE 4 Tool Charging Lockers. Link Trade Metal Lockers. QMP Z Lockers Steel and Laminate Doors, Archway, Metal Carcase with Wooden Doors. Garran Locker ranges. Standard and Bespoke Wooden Lockers. Lock Options: Coin Operated Locks, Deadlocks, Hasp and Staple Locks

Atlas Metal Economy Fast Delivery Lockers

1800ht x 300w x 300d or 450d, in 1 2 3 4 or 6 door options, 5 to 7 working day delivery

Helmsman Vedette Lockers      

Helmsman Vedette Lockers with a steel lockers range for all dry area Vedette locker change rooms

Helmsman Lockers System 2000 Lockers

Helmsman Lockers System 2000 are aluminium carcase lockers with plant on laminate doors, for leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools

Helmsman Lockers System 2200 Lockers

Helmsman Lockers System 2200 are aluminium carcase lockers with laminate recessed doors to give an extra security in leisure / schools

Outdoor Wet Area Extreme Plastic Lockers

Extreme plastic lockers for indoor or outdoor use. Can be hosed down and are ideal for the food preparation areas

Z Lockers Steel and Laminate Door Lockers

Z Lockers with Steel or Laminate Doors giving a tall and wide space for each user. Laminate Door Locker


Helmsman Divided Welled and Uniform Lockers

Helmsman large storage speciality lockers. Keeping clean clothes away from dirty in Vedette Lockers

Helmsman Twin and Steel and Laminate Big Twin Lockers

Helmsman lockers giving the user a tall compartment and together with a top lockable small compartment

Probe plastic lockers Ultrabox plastic lockers             

Probe Ultrabox plastic lockers for schools wet areas and factories. 3 fixed Plastic Locker heights

Helmsman Emergency Tall Lockers

Helmsman Lockers Custom service lockers for special equipment and the Garment storage of uniforms

Probe Disability Lockers with Full or Short Height Doors

Probe disability low height lockers for ease of Garment Access by the user

Steel Perforated Steel Door Lockers

Steel lockers with perforated doors giving the extra garment ventilation per compartment

Garran Classic Range Metal Lockers

The Garran Classic Range of Metal Lockers for schools offices factories

Metal Carcase with Wooden Door Lockers

Metal locker with a wooden door and matching wooden end panels

Link Trade Metal Lockers

Link Trade Metal Lockers in various sizes and colours and lock configurations

Probe Lockers Steel Metric Lockers

Probe Lockers steel metric lockers available in various sizes colours and lock configurations

                              Probe Lockers Laptop Locker and Trolleys                                   

The Probe Lockers Laptop Lockers for your Media Device Storage, with both Powered and Non-Powered options

RECHARGE - 4 Probe Lockers for Tool Storage and Charging

Probe Lockers RECHARGE 4 locker 380w x 525d x 1780ht. Each compartment has a 13 amp socket

Wooden Lockers for Hotels, Golf Clubs and Leisure

Wooden locker ranges from standard units to bespoke wooden lockers to suit your change room

Steel Wire Mesh Lockers and Cupboards

Steel wire mesh lockers in various compartments and cupboards with and without doors

Atlas Lockers Low Level Locker

Atlas Lockers Low Level Locker red, blue, green and yellow on 943mm and 1372mm high

                            Helmsman Mini Minder Lockers                         

A Helmsman Mini Minder Lockers for keys wallets and phones, offering a Vedette Locker alternative

                           Archway with a Shoe Rack and Hanging Rail

Helmsman Lockers 4 door and Quarto lockers, Garment Hanging rail unit, captive coathangers and shoe rack

                                                              Helmsman Emergency Low Height Lockers

Custom Vedette Lockers low height service lockers for special equipment. Police Locker

Helmsman Lockers Garment Dispenser and Garment Collector

Helmsman Garment Dispensers and the Helmsman Garment Collectors for cost saving use and clean warkware

Supertuff Plastic Lockers                                                     

The new Supertuff locker range of the Plastic Lockers are available in 3 heights See details Supertuff Lockers

Helmsman Lockers Vedette Cube Lockers

Helmsman Lockers Cube Lockers come in 2 sizes and are ideal for classroom locker storage

Helmsman Lockers Primary School Lockers

Helmsman Lockers Primary School Lockers offer a low level locker option for smaller children

Atlas Lockers, Garran Lockers, Helmsman Lockers, Vedette Lockers, Plastic Lockers, Probe Lockers, QMP Lockers, M Series Lockers

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