Fumagalli Quick Dri Natus 2000 Hand Dryers

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The Fumagalli Quick Dri Natus 2000 Hand Dryers have a low noise level and are used in all public areas and throughout the licensed trade, restaurants, hotels, offices, clubs, pre-schools and primary schools, secondary schools & colleges etc. 

The Fumagalli Quick Dri Natus 2000 Hand Dryer has been designed with safety in mind for children in schools, and the elderly in homeswith sensitive skin. The airmaster has a very strong vandal proof carbon steel cover.


 Functioning Automatic 
Cover material Glazed carbon steel 
Cover closure Standard screws 
Chassis material ABS self-extinguishing 
Supply voltage 220/240 V 
Main frequency 50/60 Hz 
Absorption motor/ n° revolutions 140 W / 2900 rev./min 
Heating element absorption 1500 W 
Overall power absorption 1640W 
Air speed at outlet 52 Km/h 
Air flow at outlet 2.5 m3/min 
Ingress protection level IP21 
Electrical protection level Class II 
Net weight 5 Kg 
Dimension: 262 x 167 x 310 mm (W x D x H) 
Quality marks TÜV -CE 
Noise Level: 54.5dB at 3m 

Fumagalli Quick Dri Natus 2000 Hand Dryers

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