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Our range includes the Bluezone with White or Stainless Steel Cover, Dri-zone ADA Quick Drying Eco Hand Dryers with White or Stainless Steel Cover, Speedmax 100 UV with Stainless Steel CoverQuick Dri Blade Hand Dryer with Stainless Steel Covers.

Bluezone High Speed Hand Dryers with a Blue Lighted Drying Area

The BLUEZONE hand dryer offers powerful drying in 7 seconds, ideal for high traffic areas and lowering energy consumption. LED lights indicates the hand dryer in operation, and a blue LED light indicates the hand drying zone

Dri-zone ADA Compact Eco High Speed Hand Dryers

The Dri-zone Eco hand dryer is also ADA Compliant for disabled use having compact dimensions (In mm) of: 276w x 216ht x 100d, a Light Net Weight of 3.4kg and comes with sloping sides top and base for a high-level of self-harm protection.

Fumagalli Natus 2000 Low Noise Low Heat Hand Dryers For Use  By  the  Elderly  and Small Children

Fumagalli Natus 2000 Low Noise Low Heat hand dryer is used in all public areas and throughout the licensed trade, restaurants, hotels, offices, clubs, pre-schools and primary schools, secondary schools & colleges etc. The Natus 2000 Low Noise Low Heat machine has been designed with safety in mind for children in schools, and the elderly in homes with sensative skin. It also has a very strong vandal proof carbon steel cover.

Dimensions: 310ht x 262w x 167d mm
Nett Weight 5Kg

Fumagalli Speedmax 100 UV Antibacterial Hand Dryer Stainless Steel Cover

The Fumagalli Speedmax 100 UV Hand Dryer has a small footprint, whilst being powerful and fully automatic. One of the smallest high-speed hand dryers ever made, is operated by photocell, and provides a powerful flow of concentrated air for the desired time.
The very small size makes it particularly suitable to small toilet areas. Automatic temperature regulating only allows the heater to operate if the ambient temperature drops below 25 ° C to obtain considerable energy savings. The hand dryer is fitted with a UV sanitizing device that kills bacteria, and an air filter to purify the air sucked in and subsequently dispensed on the hands. Suitable for areas such as: Airports, Service Areas, Exhibition Areas, Factories and Offices, Leisure Centres, Multiplex Cinema / Casinos, Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Dimensions: 260ht x 180w x 157d mm
Nett Weight 3Kg
Cover Material: AISI 304 Stainless Steel

Fumagalli 450 ECO LEM High Speed Hand/Face Dryer

This Fumagalli 450 ECO LEM High Speed Hand and Face Dryer that features a new technology. This hand dryer offers improved performance for reduced drying time, using less energy and ecologically regenerable. Fitted with the world wide patented L.E.M system and the more powerful motor.

Fumagalli L.E.M System (LONG LIFE EASY MAINTENANCE). Enables the motor unit, which is manufactured as a module, to be replaced in the machine in minutes. Without the need to remove the dryer from the wall. Hence cutting down the labour expense and also downtime.

The Fumagalli 450 ECO LEM High Speed Hand/Face Dryer is a tough and fast drying hand dryer. Together with the machine drying hands in 8 to 9 seconds. The cover is manufactured from sturdy steel for a long lasting life, and is an easy to clean design.

This machine ideal for use in schools, colleges, universities, offices, factories, motorway service stations, hotels. In fact anywhere with a high usage area by the public. Especially relevant it has a vandal proof casing, and has a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years.

The Fumagalli 450 ECO LEM High Speed Hand/Face Dryer is available in White as standard or (Bright or Brushed stainless steel to order)

The Handace Wall Blade High Speed Hand Dryer

The Handace Wall Blade High Speed Hand Dryer fitted with a filter to combat germs and bacteria on hands. This machine is compact and powerful whilst creating a warm airflow that can dry hands within 10 - 12 seconds.


The Handace High Speed Hand Dryer is an ergonomically designed automatic machine giving low running costs and low maintenance.


ABS cover for superior strength, and does not rust when not in use unlike some steel covers. Ideal for use in areas where only part of the year is in use, such as campsites and seasonally used areas. Cutting-edge design to reduce


energy consumption with infrared motion sensors and automatic shut off to give energy savings when not in use.

Motor Speed: 24,000 RPM. Drying Time: 10-12 Seconds. Motor Type: High Speed Long Life 550 Watt Brush Motor. Voltage/Frequency: AC220 – 240 V 50Hz. Power: 1100 Watts. Sizes: 248 mm W x 250 mm H x 178 mm D. Weight: 4.0kg.


Finished in White

If you are looking for a fast drying machine, a low noise machine, a blade wall mounted machine, or a replacement for your xlerator hand dryer, please call or email your requirements and we will give you a quote. Our range of electric hand dryers are ideal for high traffic areas, washrooms, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, offices, hotels, hospitals, care homes, gyms, cinemas, shopping centres, airports, and service stations

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