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Link Trade Low and high level computer workstations for the shop floor environment. To prevent unauthorised access to computer records or pilfering of unattended computer equipment

Industrial Workstations

Basic Industrial Workstation Cupboard

The Basic Industrial Workstation Cupboard, antibacterial paint finish

Quality Workstations for Factory or Office

Quality Workstations for Factory or Officeantibacterial paint finish

Industrial Information Workstations

Industrial Information Workstations antibacterial paint finish

Industrial Toolholder Workstations

The Industrial Toolholder Workstations, antibacterial paint finish

Whether you supply to manufacturing, production, assembly, maintenance, engineering or any other similar environment, our industrial workstations will be absolutely ideal for your customers. They allow the creation of a central hub for work management, storage and information sharing.

From displaying rotas and filing essential paperwork to simply housing all key tools equipment in one easy to find location – we offer an industrial workstation for every need. Each of these models comes with a cabinet with secure lockable double doors, a cubby hole and lockable drawer. Your customers can choose from light or dark grey, red, green or blue doors.
•Standard Workstation – a basic storage area with a sloped work surface
•Toolholder Workstation – has an additional rear panel for storing tools and displaying notices
•Quality Workstation – rear panel provides space for holding ten lever arch files and a dry wipe magnetic board
•Information Workstation – comes with a large dry wipe magnetic message board for sharing notifications around the workplace

Industrial Computer Workstations

Low Height Computer Workstation

Low Height Computer Workstationantibacterial paint finish

Full Height Computer Workstation

Full Height Computer Workstationantibacterial paint finish

Computers are becoming a common site on workshop floors, production and assembly lines and in warehouses. Our computer workstations provide secure storage or IT equipment in industrial environments while also creating a central hub for overseeing and managing operations.
Whether your customers use flat screen or bulky monitors, we have several computer workstation designs to meet their needs. Separate lockable compartments are available for keyboards, printers, CPUs and monitors (the latter of which comes with a see through viewing panel).
Our various computer workstation systems incorporate useful features like extendable keyboard shelves and access for cables to run through surfaces to keep them out of sight and avoid tangles. Additional shelves and compartments let you store all relevant paperwork or files close at hand.
Made from steel coated in epoxy polyester, a choice of dark and light grey, blue, red or green door colours is available.

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